Neuroendocrine cancer day 2021

Human adipose-derived stem cells: definition, isolation, tissue-engineering applications S. Nae, I. Bordeianu, A. Stancioiu, N. Antohi Recent researches have demonstrated that the most effective repair system of the body is represented by stem cells - unspecialized cells, capable of self-renewal through successive mitoses, which have also the ability to transform into different cell types through differentiation.

The discovery of adult stem cells represented an important step in regenerative medicine because they no longer raises ethical or legal issues and are more accessible.

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Only instem cells isolated from adipose tissue were described as multipotent stem cells. Adipose tissue stem cells benefits in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are numerous.

Development of adipose tissue engineering techniques offers a great potential in surpassing the existing limits faced by the classical approaches used in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Adipose tissue engineering clinical applications are wide and varied, including reconstructive, corrective and cosmetic procedures.

neuroendocrine cancer day 2021

Nowadays, adipose tissue engineering is a fast developing field, both in terms of fundamental researches and medical applications, addressing issues related to current clinical pathology or trauma management of soft tissue injuries in different body locations. Corresponding author: Sorin Nae, MD; e-mail: naedaniel gmail. Margaritescu, A. Stepan, V. Patrascu, C. Georgescu, Daniela Cernea, Daniela Dumitrescu Invasive lobular carcinoma ILC is the second most common type of invasive breast cancer, having distinct morphologically but also prognostic and therapeutic features.

This type of breast cancer shows a higher rate of multiple metastases neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 a more frequent axillary-lymph-node involvement. Regardless of histopathological or molecular subtype, the statistical tests proved that for ILC, the highest D lymphatic microvessels density LMVD was in the peritumoral areas.

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In classical subtype, the LMVD values were positively correlated with the degree of tumor differentiation and pTNM clinical stages and when these cases were classified based neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 the molecular criteria the highest recorded values were found in the luminal B subtype. This immunoprofile suggests the existence of a tumor type-specific lymphangiogenesis that may have certain prognostic and therapeutic implications.

Man, Cl. Marginean, O. Cotoi Purpose: To evaluate neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 correlations between the pro-inflammatory interleukins IL-6 and IL-8 and the anthropometric measurements in malnourished vs. Results: From children, The mean age was 5. IL-6 and IL-8 mean levels were 2. By statistically comparing IL-6 in malnourished group vs.

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Ciurea, Daniela Cernea, C. Georgescu, O. Cotoi, V. Patrascu, H. Parvanescu, D. Popa, V. Parvanescu, Raluca Niculina Ciurea, R. The nodular and infiltrative-morpheaform are the most common BCC types in the head and neck region and together with the micronodular subtypes are the most aggressive tumors, because of their tendency to infiltrate the deep subcutis, muscles and even bones.

To explain the local aggressive behavior and their metastatic potential, many studies have been performed to identify the molecular determinants implicated in BCC tumor progression. For this reason, we investigated the immunohistochemical expression of CXCR4, MMP and beta-catenin expression in six metatypical, eight infiltrative-morpheaform, six micronodular and five superficial facial BCCs.

For all three neuroendocrine cancer day 2021, the tumor reactivity varied with the histological type. The highest reactivity was observed in metatypical subtype, especially at the level of areas with squamous cells differentiation.


The lowest reactivity neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 recorded in micronodular and superficial BCC subtypes. Regardless histological subtype, the tumor reactivity was higher at the advancing edge and additional a strong stromal reaction was noticed for all investigated markers peculiar in fibroblasts, inflammatory cells and endothelial cells.

All these data proved the utility of CXCR4, MMP and beta-catenin immunohistochemical investigation in BCCs both for identification of high-aggressive tumors and to develop novel more efficient therapeutic strategy for these patients by targeting these biomarkers. Electrical conduction system apoptosis in type II diabetes mellitus S. Rusu, F. Pop Even though apoptosis is known to be associated with various cardiovascular pathologies, its presence in cardiac nodal tissue in adults was only scarcely researched.

Cardiomyocyte apoptosis was associated with diabetic cardiovascular pathology. Our main objective was to test whether programmed cell death is present in nodal tissue in type II diabetes mellitus and, if present to characterize it.

The study was designed as a qualitative one. We used autopsy samples of hearts from 10 patients 56 to year-old, male to female ratiopositive for type II diabetes mellitus.

Samples from sinoatrial and atrioventricular nodes were stained with Hematoxylin-Eosin. Nodal tissue in all samples neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 characterized by diffuse interstitial fibrosis and chronic ischemic lesions; nuclear damage and foci of irreversible ischemic neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 intermingled with isles of relatively morphologically normal myocytes. Sinoatrial and atrioventricular nodes were caspase-3 and -9 positive, and also cathepsin-B-positive, suggesting an overlap between apoptotic and necrotic mechanisms.

neuroendocrine cancer day 2021

Central area of the sinus node seemed to have the most severe lesions. Estrogen and progesterone receptor expression in the mammary gland tumors M. Moise, M. Buruian, C. Motoc In the primary mammary malignant tumors, including in situ carcinoma, it is recommended the carrying out of immunohistochemical diagnosis for the estrogen ER and the progesterone receptors PR.

We have studied the ER and the PR expression in malignant tumors, trying to identify the corresponding phenotypes according to the presence of these tumors. We have carried out a study on a total number of 80 carcinomas, divided into two groups: the first one constituted of 54 cases of carcinomas on which neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 had clinical data, and another group, constituted of 26 cases of mammary carcinoma, where no clinical data was neuroendocrine cancer day 2021.

We have observed that the values and the distribution of the ER and PR taken from the biopsies made in the patients neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 mammary carcinoma are influenced by the age and menopausal status. The involvement of growth differentiation factor 5 GDF5 and aggrecan in the epithelial-mesenchymal transition of salivary gland pleomorphic adenoma Anca Stefania Enescu, Cl.

Margaritescu, Monica Mihaela Craitoiu, Aurelia Enescu, Stefania Craitoiu Pleomorphic adenoma is the most common salivary gland tumor with annual incidence of The histogenesis of salivary gland pleomorphic adenoma is still unclear.

One concept sustains the existence of an epithelial-mesenchymal transitions EMT process in pleomorphic adenomas by which neoplastic epithelial cells transdifferentiate into mesenchymal cells and leading to tissue heterogeneity from this salivary gland neoplasia.

Here we investigate by immunohistochemistry the expression of growth differentiation factor 5 GDF5 and aggrecan neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 15 cases of salivary gland pleomorphic adenomas. We found that both markers were present in normal salivary gland, mainly in the cells that line striated and intercalated ducts suggesting their involvement in the morphogenesis of this duct system. A constant positive reactivity for both markers was recorded in transition regions from tubular proliferative units to myxoid areas suggesting the involvement of an EMT process during the tumorigenesis of such salivary gland neoplasia.

Also, both markers may be implicated in the transdifferentiation of neoplastic myoepithelial cells from the myxoid zones to lacuna cells of adjacent chondroid areas completing the morphology of this salivary gland tumor. Morphometric and ultrasonographic study of the human fetal hip joint during intrauterine development Beata Baroti, Zsuzsanna Pap, Z.

Panti, M. Buruian, Z. Pavai The main method for the early screening of the developmental dysplasia of the hip DDH is the ultrasound imaging. There are several studies about the ultrasound imaging of newborns' hips, but only a few studies include the prenatal period of life. Our aim was to examine the prenatal development of the hip joint through the evolution of the alpha angle seen on the ultrasound, described in the Graf R method, combined with neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 dissection.

Materials and Methods: Thirty-one post-mortem fetal hips were analyzed trough anatomical dissection, in 25 cases trough ultrasound imaging, in which the alpha angle was measured.

Based on the morphometric examination, we applied the sine rule and we calculated the alpha1 angle, which also represents the coverage of the femoral head.


Results: Based on the morphometric examination, not only the diameters of the femoral head and of the acetabulum, but also the joint cavity X showed an increase during development. Both of the alpha angles measured alpha, calculated papillomatous lesions of skin showed a decrease as the fetus developed.

Conclusions: The decrease of the angles alpha, alpha1 and the increase of the joint cavity during development correspond to the findings of the main research papers: the hip joint is less stable in the perinatal life. The alpha angle can be accurately determined only after the ossification of the acetabulum had started, in our case after the fetus is older than 18 weeks. Histopathological and immunohistochemical study neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 hepatic stellate cells in patients with viral C chronic liver disease A.

Vere, M. Ciurea, C. Streba, Mihaela Ionescu, Maria Comanescu, Eugenia Irimia, Otilia Rogoveanu Objective: Our aim was to establish a correlation between hepatic stellate cells HSCs activity within different areas of hepatic tissue and the degree of liver fibrosis, necroinflammation, and steatosis in patients with viral C chronic liver disease.

Care va fi efectul asupra legislației fiecărei țări membre UE, cum văd pacienții această oportunitate, care sunt lipsurile sistemului de sănătate românesc în ceea ce privește managementul afecțiunilor oncologice, cum pot fi implementate prevederile Planului European în practica românească? La aceste întrebări au răspuns reprezentanții asociațiilor de pacienți din România pentru Revista Politici de sănătate.

Patients and Methods: We prospectively included 41 liver biopsies from patients with chronic hepatitis C or liver cirrhosis, prior to antiviral treatment. Our control group consisted of seven tissue samples, obtained from 10 to 38 weeks old embryos. We assessed the alpha-smooth muscle actin alpha-SMA expression using immunohistochemistry and a semi-quantitative scoring method.

We hypothesized that folate receptor gene folr1 and others may be interacting to elicit neural tube defect NTDwhile N-acetylcysteine NAC may be beneficial for protection. In chicken neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 model, the experiment was conducted in two parts.

neuroendocrine cancer day 2021

The first part was carried out to test the optimum dose of VPA. The second part was conducted to test the protective effect of NAC at doses 10 and 20 mM.

VPA induced dysvascularization, incomplete somite enclosure, histone deacetylase HDAC inhibition, folate deficiency, homocysteine accumulation, SOD inhibition, glutathione depletion, elevated MDA and hydrogen peroxide.

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NAC alleviated most of these adverse effects. The microarray analysis revealed 17 genes downregulated and four upregulated. VPA downregulated folr1 gene in a dose responsive manner without affecting pax-3 gene, which was ascribed to the metahypoxic state. Conclusively, VPA affects 21 genes: 17 downregulated and four upregulated. VPA dose responsively downregulates gene folr1 without affecting pax-3 gene.

These adverse effects can be partially alleviated by N-acetylcysteine. Corresponding author: Chiung-Chi Peng; e-mail: misspeng ms2. A profile of lung carcinomas: study on cases Camelia Demetrian, A. Demetrian, J. Meunier, N. Naffaa, M. Olaru, R. Plesea, I. Plesea The authors have proposed to analyze retrospectively the clinical-morphological profile of a consistent group of lung carcinomas treated surgically.

The studied material consisted of clinical and pathological medical records from patients confirmed histopathologically with lung carcinoma after surgical intervention. Five main groups were defined based on the histopathological criteria and then compared.

Neuroendocrine transdifferentiation of prostate carcinoma cells and its prognostic significance Madalina Marcu, E. Radu, Maria Sajin Neuroendocrine NE cells are a distinct epithelial cell compartment of the normal human prostate gland. Their phenotype and range of endocrine secretion products are similar, but not identical to those of NE-like cells from prostate carcinoma. Neuroendocrine differentiation NED is a feature commonly seen in prostate carcinoma and a number of studies pointed out that its extent is associated to hormone therapy refractory and aggressive disease. However, less information is available on the significance of NED in organ-confined prostate cancer, although identification of early predictors of aggressive disease would obviously allow for more adequate therapy.

The assessment of clinical data, in spite of a wide range of clinical expressions, revealed some particular features for each of the defined groups. The morphological data outlined also different behavioral profiles for each of the histopathological types of lung carcinoma.

Neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 results showed that malignant epithelial tumors of the lung are still a major challenge from the detection until the therapeutic intervention and, therefore, the preoperative clinical-morphological investigation is crucial for a better adjustment of the therapeutic act according to the individual profile of each type of tumor.

Testicular histopathological changes following sodium fluoride administration in mice Nicoleta Dimcevici Poesina, C. Balalau, Maria Barca, I. Ion, Daniela Baconi, C. Baston, Violeta Baran Poesina It has been revealed that excessive fluoride intake on long-term is associated with toxic effects and can damage a variety of organs and tissues in the human body, including the male reproductive system.

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However, the molecular mechanisms of fluoride-induced male reproductive toxicity are not well understood. The study wants to get news concerning the effects of natrium fluoride on testicular tissues when this substance is administrated to a population of mice. The study was conducted on NMRI mice descending from the pregnant females treated with neuroendocrine cancer day 2021.

Then, the mice, males and females, were divided in six groups, medicamente parazitare pe bază largă groups descending from the pregnant females treated with 0. From the moment when the lactation is finished until the adulthood, the animals received the following treatments: homeopathic a CH7 solution of natrium fluoride - Groups A and Dallopathic-homeopathic 0.

When the males reached the adulthood, the administration of natrium fluoride was stopped and, by randomization, they where selected for euthanasia. The euthanasia was realized by cervical dislocation. The preparation of samples for optical microscopy was realized with Hematoxylin-Eosin staining. The results indicate that natrium fluoride administered in different doses, even at homeopathic dose or at allopathic-homeopathic dose, determined vacuolar dystrophy of epididymal epithelial cells, vacuolar dystrophy of linear seminal cells and necrosis.

Infrastructure of the telocytes from tumor stroma in the skin basal and squamous cell carcinomas N. Mirancea, Ana-Maria Morosanu, G. Mirancea, F. Juravle, V. Manoiu In this paper, we focus our interest on the ultrastructure of telocytes TCs present inside of tumor-stroma in basal neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 carcinoma BCC and squamous cell carcinoma SCC. Tumor-stroma cooperation is necessary for tumor growth, invasive behavior and ectopic development of microtumors. There is a plethora of reports about the role of different stromal cell types in tumor neuroendocrine cancer day 2021 in the human body.

In this line, almost nothing is known about the recently identified interstitial cell type called telocyte TC. Here, we described the infrastructural aspects of TCs as well as their relationships with other tumor stroma components. TC from the tumor stroma has cell body where the nucleus is located and exhibits two rarely more very long cell extensions of tens over micro-m termed telopodes.

A telopode appears as an alternation of very thin segments called podomers and dilated segments called podomes, which accommodate mitochondria, rough endoplasmic reticulum, cytoskeleton, caveolae, as well as coated vesicles.

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